Woodland Product Manufacture


The market for local timber declined rapidly in the 1980s as local industries such as paper manufacture that had provided a ready market for local timber declined. The UK market became dominated by imported timber that resulted in our ancient woodlands falling into disrepair and the essential skills required to maintain ancient woodland being lost.

As well as being more widely used for construction purposes wood is now becoming an important fuel once again as more people and organisations use it to heat their homes and premises. Wood is also a renewable source of energy as trees absorb CO2 from the air as they grow. It helps prevent climate change by displacing more expensive fossil fuels such as oil and gas that are non-renewable.

Increased environmental concerns and greater focus on sustainability has led to a resurgence of interest in locally sourced woodland products ranging from garden products like pea sticks to energy supply products like firewood. KWES turns most of the wood it coppices into a wide range of woodland products.


Our charcoal is made locally by our apprentices in Kent. It is 100% sustainable with no nasty additives to taint your food. Proceeds from the sale of all our products help to support apprenticeships within Kent’s ancient woodlands bringing them back to health and sustainable use.

















3kg bags £7.50 inclusive of VAT.

5 bags or more free local delivery contact us

Bean Poles

Supplied in bundles of 11:

6’/1.83m: £9.00
7’/2.1m: £10.50
8’/2.4m: £15.00
9’/2.7m: £20.00

Prices inclusive of VAT.

Pea Sticks

Branched fan shaped poles supplied in bundles of 10 or 20 and are usually about 3’/1m in length.

Bundles of 10: £3.50
Bundles of 20: £6.50

Prices inclusive of VAT.

Sawn Timber

Species Price per cubic ft

Oak £35.00
Beech £52.50
Douglas Fir £33.50
Larch £22.00
Sweet Chestnut £30.00
Ash £33.00
London Plane £39.00

These prices are for slab sawn (+50% quarter sawn).

All prices are +VAT ex works.

Post & Rail Fencing

  Pointed – £0.35 per foot Peeled and Pointed – £0.40 per foot
3′ £1.05 £1.20
3’6 £1.23 £1.40
4′ £1.40 £1.60
4’6 £1.58 £1.80
5′ £1.75 £2.00
5’6 £1.93 £2.20
6′ £2.10 £2.40
7′ £2.45 £2.80
8′ £2.80 £3.20
Post and Rail – 1 bay = 1 post plus either 2 or 3 rails
2 rail bay £28  
End post £12  
3 rail bay £38  
End post £14  

All prices are +VAT ex works.

Chestnut Posts

Cleft 5’/ 1.5m: £2.20 per unit.
5’6’’/1.7m: £2.30 per unit.
6’/1.8m: £2.50 per unit.

Prices include VAT.

Contact us for more information.

Stove Logs

1x Bulk Bag, species predominantly Sweet Chestnut £65.

Price includes VAT.

Open Fire Logs,

1x Bulk Bag, standard logs of mixed hardwood logs £77.

1x Bulk Bag, premium logs of Ash and Hornbeam £86.

All logs are air dried.

All logs are 10″ (other lengths available on request).

Free delivery within a 5 mile radius with the purchase of 2 bulk bags or more.

Delivered logs will be tipped not stacked unless stacking requested.

Stacking charge is £12 per bag

All prices include VAT.

Kissing Gates and Stiles
















Sweet Chestnut Kissing Gate £364.80 inclusive of VAT

Fitting and delivery available on request at extra cost.













Sweet Chestnut Stile £108 inclusive of VAT

Fitting and delivery available on request at extra cost.