Image 15If you will be leaving school in the near future and are not interested in going to university have you thought of applying to become an apprentice with KWES?

If so what does becoming an apprentice mean?

The government define apprenticeships as “A job with an accompanying skills development programme, designed by employers”.

Put more simply an apprenticeships mixes on-the-job training with classroom learning. Both provide the skills and experience needed in your chosen career but they also lead to nationally recognised qualifications. These qualifications will be valid for any employer and means once you are qualified you can change jobs and take your skills and qualifications with you.

And even better an apprentice is able to earn while they learn.

KWES provides two levels of apprenticeship.

The first is the Intermediate Level Apprenticeship. This allows our apprentices to gain a work-based competency qualification, a Level 2 in Forestry as well as the Functional Skills needed and includes a relevant knowledge-based qualification. The qualifications the apprentice receives are equivalent to five GCSEs at grades A – C.

The second is an Advanced Level Apprenticeship that allows apprentices to gain a work-based competency qualification, a Level 3 in Silviculture (woodland management) as well as Functional Skills. It also includes a relevant knowledge-based qualification that is equivalent to two A-levels.

The technical knowledge qualification shows you have the necessary technical skills, knowledge and understanding of theoretical concepts as well as knowledge and understanding of the relevant industry and its market.

The competencies qualification, that all apprentices need to gain to qualify for their apprenticeship certificate, shows that you are competent in performing the skill, trade or occupation your apprenticeship requires and have the experience to do so.

To apply to become an apprentice with KWES and any other apprenticeship you will however need to meet a minimum standard in both English and maths up to Level 2. If you don’t already have these you will be expected to pass an English or maths course during your apprenticeship. To register interest in an apprenticeship contact us